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V2 Aero Roller Skis/XL150S (skate)
Item # TR305

The pneumatic tire skis. Pump up the tires for fast smooth surface skiing, let out some air for slower rolling or on bumpy gravel and dirt roads.
A versatile replacement for the Terra and now with ATRA (adustable training resistance) speed reducers (not included with roller skis, order separately).

NOTE: When ordering Speed Reducers (ATRA's) -- order V2 ATRA Aero 150S (Order# PT317) -- regular ATRA's DO NOT fit the Aero roller skis!

Weight: 2270 grams/pair
Length: 754 cm

The V2 Aero 150S takes the V2 ATRA Aero 150S (speed reducer) -- part# PT317. You need two (2) ATRA's -- one for each wheel.

Replacement wheels: W150 Aero wheels; tires or tubes for front and back wheels.

NOTE: Bindings and ATRA's (speed reducers) must be ordered separately.


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