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Atomic Race Classic

You like the feeling of kick and glide but want a fast ski that will let you fly.  This is it. This ski takes over as the best performance sport ski and steps into some very fast shoes without missing a beat. Same fast skis as last year. The Powercell core provides a quicker grip and rebound. A classic ski with Beta technology. High Grip Factor, long wax pocket and good, stable downhill control. A high performance ski for high performance people.

Weight: 1160 grams; 44.5/42/44

SRG Test Summary
General: Type CB in a classic ski. Flat pressure on front end and sharp tail pressure to steer a steady track.
Glide: Flat, long wax pocket gives grip factor of .75 or above.
Grip: Ride a flat foot and see glide above .750.
Drag: Ski a flat foot, drag equals zero. Lean too far forward, drag equals .10 to .15.

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