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Atomic Worldcup Skate HT

NEW from Atomic -- two new skate skis for different track and snow conditions. Both have Nomex Featherlight cores. The Hard Track skate ski has wood sidewalls for greater torsional rigidity. A long wheelbase and modified Type C pressure distribution produces a stable ski. Edging is precise and good flat ski stability. The Hard Track ski has two grooves in the base for better tracking stability in hard, icy conditions. A good ski for medium to hard track.

Weight: 988 gm; 43.5/43.5/45

SRG Test Summary
General: Type C distribution is remarkably fast in soft track. STABLE -- for both Soft Track and Hard Track skis.
Glide: Remains a soft track record -- 9.85.
Stability: The Soft Track is a surf board in medium to soft track. Hard Track tends to plow in softer track and snow conditions.
Skate Edge: Precise edging and flat ski stability in both HT and ST skis.

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