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We test every ski we sell. We have developed special test instruments which measure the pressure of the ski on the snow. The bench tester measures the pressure exerted on each of the 15 transducers located 10 cm apart under the ski. he test loads are selected to simulate ski behavior during the glide phase for skating skis (half body weight to full body weight) and during the glide and kick phases for classic skis (half body weight and one and one-half times body weight). The numerical data obtained from these tests (the pressure distribution) is stored in the SRG Compufit® files. We now have a picture of how the skis will perform on snow. We look at the stiffness of the skis, the smoothness of the front end, the pressure on the tail and for classic skis, how well the skis will grip during the kick phase.

We then use this data from the pressure distribution to match the skis to the skier. We ask you to complete the ski data form which gives us a picture of you, the skier. (i.e., weight, height, snow/track conditions, where you intend to use the skis and what specific type of ski you are looking for.) We go to our data base and find the ski that matches these criteria. Since we have been doing this for over thirty years, we have the knowledge to find skis that fit. Skiers all over the United States are enjoying our sport more because the skis work the way cross country skis are suppose to work. Fast skis must fit -- the characteristics of the ski and the skier must be matched if performance and enjoyment are to be achieved.

If classic skis are too stiff, you slip on the kick -- which is no fun; if they are too soft -- you work too hard and get no glide. In skating, a too soft ski is unstable. The center portion of the ski "bellies out" and the tips and tails do not give stability. We say it is like trying to skate on ash can lids. If the skis are too stiff -- they plow and are also unstable. Skis that fit are fun. WE TEST EVERY SKI WE SELL AND GUARANTEE THE FIT!

Testing! Testing! Testing!
The Ski Research Group at Eagle River Nordic spends its time testing. Testing, testing. After thirty years of this we have collected a lot of data; 40,000 skis, or so, have gone through our tests. But data is not information. Questions have to be asked and the data analyzed. The constant application of the child's cry of "Why?" That question, and the answers to it have been the backbone of Eagle River Nordic. We have asked questions about skis and skiing; about waxing and physical conditioning; about weather and snow; about technique and training. We continue to ask questions and out of the answers grow new ideas or activities at Eagle River Nordic.

HOW IT WORKS -- fill out the ski fitting data and send it to Eagle River Nordic with your order. We will process the data and make a ski selection based up on it. Choose a ski model and let us do the rest. SRG-Compufit© uses the skier data to estimate skiing strength and ability, snow conditions, track and skiing conditions -- and matches these variables to ski characteristics to achieve optimum performance. Pressure distributions form the heart of our ski selection process. The ski's performance is evaluated based upon the bench test data.

For the pressure distribution of each ski -- click on ski name. For definition of terms -- click on column headings.

Skating Skis Net wt. (gm) Width Tip-Waist (mm) Glide Index** ST Track Stability SF Flat Ski Stability SE Skate Edge Stability Tip Loading% FC Compaction Force Tip Lift Contact Length (cm)
Fischer Speedmax Hole Skate NIS Plus 1030 41/44/44 9.94 E/9.6 E/9.8 E/9.8 38/32 0.89 0.42 0.24 172
Atomic World Cup Skate ST 976 44/43/44 9.86 E/9.4 E/9.8 E/9.7 37/42 0.93 0.42 0.16 173
Atomic Worldcup Skate HT 988 43.5/43.5/45 9.90 E/9.8 E/9.8 E/9.7 38/32 0.89 0.32 0.24 173
Fischer RCS Carbonlite Hole Skate NIS 1139 41/44/44 9.90 E/9.4 E/9.6 E/9.7 38/32 0.89 0.32 0.24 172
Fischer RCS Skate NIS 1160 41/44/44 9.88 VG/9.0 E/9.8 E/9.4 38/34 0.89 0.29 0.24 172
Salomon S-Lab Equipe 10 Hard Track 1088 44/43/44 9.86 E/9.4 E/9.6 E/9.7 38/35 0.90 0.35 0.24 172
Salomon S-Lab Equipe 10 Skate SG 1088 44.5/44/44.5 9.80 E/9.4 E/9.5 E/9.6 37/34 0.93 0.42 0.18 172
Fischer RCR Skate NIS 1328 41/44/44 9.75 E/9.2 E/9.4 E/9.5 38/34 0.89 0.38 0.30 173
Atomic Race Skate 1140 44/42/43.5 9.70 E/9.5 E/9.2 E/9.4 38/43 0.68 0.40 0.29 171
Atomic Team Skate 1105 44/42/4305 9.62 E/9.5 E/9.2 E/9.4 38/30 0.72 0.40 0.31 170

Classic Skis Net wt. (gm) Width Tip-Waist (mm) Glide Index** Grip Force %*** Tip* Tail* Torque* Hard Track Hard Wax Soft Track Hard Wax Hard Track Klister Soft Track Klister
Fischer Speedmax Classic Plus NIS 1106 41/44/44 8.40 .76 1.90 5.30 3.20 E/9.5 E/9.5 VG/8.8 VG/8.2
Fischer RCS Carbonlite Classic NIS 1136 41/44/44 8.28 .74 1.90 5.30 3.20 E/9.4 E/9.5 G/8.0 VG/8.2
Atomic Worldcup Classic Warm 1138 41/44/41 8.40 .75 1.93 5.30 3.21 E/9.5 E/9.3 VG/8.9 VG/8.2
Atomic Worldcup Classic Cold 1138 41/44/41 8.30 .75 1.93 5.30 3.21 E/9.5 E/9.3 VG/8.9 VG/8.2
Fischer RCS Classic NIS 1246 41/44/44 8.40 .74 2.40 6.40 3.40 E/9.3 E/9.5 VG/8.8 G/7.6
Atomic Vasa Skintec Race 1308 41/44/41 8.20 .74 1.93 6.10 2.80 VG/7.6 G/7.4 VG/8.9 VG/7.8
Fischer RCR Crown Classic NIS 1316 41/44/44 7.50 .70 2.86 9.05 3.81 G/7.4 F/4.0 VG/8.9 G/6.0
Atomic Race Classic 1160 47/44/46 7.80 .75 1.93 5.07 3.60 VG/8.6 E/9.0 G/5.9 G/6.2
Atomic Team Classic 1122 44.5/42/44 7.50 .74 1.93 5.07 3.60 G/8.4 VG/8.6 G/5.9 G/6.2
Fischer SL Superlight Crown 1360 48/44/46 7.10 .74 2.65 6.07 4.50 VG/8.9 G/6.0 VG/8.5 G/6.0
Atomic Motion 52 Classic Wax 1450 52/47/49 N/A N/A 2.07 6.70 6.00 G/6.9 G/6.5 G/6.5 G/5.0
Atomic Motion 52 G2 Classic NoWax 1450 52/47/49 NA NA 2.07 6.70 6.00 G/6.9 G/6.5 G/6.5 G/5.0

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